Stop Oil Trains

The Oil Industry is Turning Our Railways Into Deadly Extreme Oil Superhighways

Oil trains threaten the safety of 25 million Americans, carrying highly toxic tar sands and volatile Bakken crude oil in unsafe rail cars over tracks that were never designed for this dangerous cargo  - and right through the hearts of our town and cities. Safety standards are weak and emergency responders are unprepared for derailments, spills, and explosions. Between 2008 and 2015, new oil train infrastructure allowed oil train traffic to expand by a whopping 4,100%. Check our map here to see you if live within the blast zone radius.

We’re mobilizing to stop these oil trains that threaten our communities, our watersheds, and our climate. To put it simply, it is unacceptable that the oil and rail industries are transporting explosive and toxic crude oil right through the centers of towns and cities across North America.

Since 2013, we’ve organized hundreds of participant groups across the US and Canada, defeated a number of massive oil train terminal proposals on the West Coast, pressed for stronger federal and state rail safety standards, and helped communities in the blast-zone stop oil trains. 

We look to the town of Lac Megantic, Quebec where an oil train disaster killed 47 people, and we say, never again. We will stop a similar tragedy before it starts by speaking up against oil trains and demanding that this practice ends.

In 2016 alone, we had three major victories in our oil train campaign, stopping projects in Anacortes, Washington, and in Benicia and San Luis Obispo, California.

We’re speaking out, organizing in towns and cities across North America, and holding our public officials accountable. Are you in?